Creating Space
Opportunity to Imagine
Inspiration forPurpose to Thrive
Creating Space. Opportunity to Imagine. Inspiration for Purpose to Thrive
Project Freeform – The idea.

We are all creating every moment within every day.

Imagine. Choice. Imagine. Choice.

What are we making?

Project Freeform aims in opening opportunity to meet inspiration through creating, and creating together. Practicing. Shaping visions, through art – into forms of that which we want to take the pleasure in seeing, in experiencing. Utilizing the momentum of inspiration in forming the creative inspired moments we wish to live.

There is opportunity for many projects. Let’s enjoy in the making!

See you at the studio & beyond!

Studio News & Events

Hi People!

Happy Fall! I hope this bright and cooling down season is finding you all well.


A new Ballard studio - to play within creatorshops & projects and community events for celebrating!

It has been a treasure sharing and enjoying arts with my family, friends I love, and out and about within community, in Ballard and beyond. Gratitude for the incredible gifts of my mother Carrie, and the community that has been enjoyed for many years.

This October, the doors to the art studio, Project Freeform, in Ballard, have opened. The studio has been in muse for years. Life aligned and serendipity opened the opportunity to share. I am looking forward to sharing time together in imagining possibilities through clay and other art forms.

Thank you to all who joined the Gratitude Celebration in the month of my mother’s birth! It was a bright fire filled raku party with super creative humans, delicious food, stellar music by Trouble at Home and magical metallic clay treasures. What a GIFT to have you all fill the studio with your bright selves in sharing. THANK YOU!

And thank you to the wonderful children and parents who volunteered their time in October to create with me in filling my first studio glaze kiln. Lovely times.

There are projects in design, and in wait, for creators. Come enjoy!

See you at the studio!
Holly Gustafson-Gold

Open House

Open House

Sunday November 12,
12:00 – 4:00 p.m.
1545 49th Street NW, Seattle, WA

If you would like to pop in to the studio for a visit soon…the artists at 49th Street Studios, Catherine Gill, Raymond Serrano and Project Freeform share the same property and will be hosting an open house and sale. There will be many forms of arts within creative community to enjoy. We hope to see you!

Street parking can be challenging. If you cannot find on street parking, thanks to Lagunitas Beer Sanctuary across the street, you may use their parking lot across the street to the North and East. Otherwise, there is parking availability in the Swedish Medical Center garage at 5300 Tallman Ave NW at $5.00 for 2 hours, $6.00 for 3 hours, and $6.00 for 4 hours, $7.00 for 8 hours. Stay for the day/eve and enjoy dining or playing in Ballard before or after visiting the studio!

See you there!

Regnor & Carrie’s Annual Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Regnor & Carrie’s
Annual Winter Solstice
Saturday, December 16,
4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sunset Hill
Community Association
3003 NW 66th Street, Seattle, WA

Celebrate this frosty season and the shortest day of the year in anticipation of the bright return of the sun!

Please join us for the first time or the millionth in collaboration with Sunset Hill Community Association in celebrating Regnor & Carrie’s Winter Solstice.

Local vibrant music - AMAZING potluck food and drink - Local Artists Gift Sale

Arts this year to include jewelry, ceramics, pottery, glass, paintings and more.

See you at the party!

We are so lucky in Ballard!

This Winter Solstice party will open voluntary donation opportunity to express gratitude for our own fortune, by helping regrow connected, supported, healthy, sustainable communities within Puerto Rico.

Creatorshops & Projects

November & December

We are so fortunate to enjoy and share beautiful objects that we make with our own hearts and hands. In November and December we offer project opportunities in community for creating and sharing gifts.

Gifts for sharing, and whatever other nifty things you muse!

A community of children will create nifty things they muse and gifts to be shared with others. We will choose inspiration through the teaching projects offered and envision to make from our own creative designs.

Dates and times:
Mondays, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
November 13, 27
& December 4, 11

Wednesdays, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
November 15, 29
& December 6, 13

Fee: $100

10% of registration fee will be donated to regrowing connected, supported, healthy, sustainable communities within Puerto Rico.

Freeform Teen Open Studio Adventure

Enjoy the opportunity to create from the inspiration of what projects and techniques are shaking out in the studio alongside what is being designed, created and shared within the creative studio community. Colors, shapes, textures, forms, ideas. Thoughts. Musings.

The creation mediums begin with clay, liquid glass, metallics and fire. Who knows where they will go in collaboration. Mysterious adventure. The water is warm. Dive in. Come create!

Teen Creators
Fridays, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
December 1 and 8
with December 15 Glazing
& Raku firing potluck celebration.

Fee: $100

10% of registration fee will be donated to regrowing connected, supported, healthy, sustainable communities within Puerto Rico.

It’s an art Party!

Project Freeform encourages groups to gather and create art together! And voilà it’s a party.
Pick a time, give a shout and we’ll build out a great time for exploring, creating and … firing!

2017 Available dates for bookings:
Saturdays, December 2 and 9

Fee: $30 per person, per two hour sessions.

Creating sessions are 2 hours or longer. $15 per person per additional hour.

Raku firing sessions require 4 hours to completion. Call for details so we can package things up the way you would like to see them!

10% of registration fee will be donated to regrowing connected, supported, healthy, sustainable communities within Puerto Rico.

Freeform Open Studio

If you wish to enjoy time in the studio, practicing and developing your project ideas within support and tools and community, please give a call and we’ll see about arranging a situation that works for you within the flow of what is happening at the studio.

Fee: $30 per two hour session.

Call (949) 235-8978 to schedule.

Creative gifts to start a new year!

What could be better? Gift certificates available.

And remember...

Big Kids (aka Adults) are people too! We thrive in creating together as well. And many feel left out of the fun when university, career or little ones take center stage, and all resources flow to these developments. However … to replenish our own stores for our personal vitality and for opening sustainable gifting out into the world for that and those we love. Gift to yourself! The opportunity within time and community to imagine, and create out from your inspiration. A wellspring. Come play!

& Contact Information

Project, Creatorshop & Event Registration Online is coming in 2018.

For 2017 Creatorshops, please call or text me your interest at (949) 235-8978.

Once verified of space – please print and complete the registration form to mail along with your class payment to:
Project Freeform
1543 NW 49th Street
Seattle, WA 98107

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions to:


Depending on when you arrive, there is on street parking. There is parking at the Swedish Medical Center Garage on 5300 Tallman Ave W. Parking at Swedish is $5.00 for 2 hours, $6.00 for 3 hours and so on. I recommend arriving early your first visit to get a good idea of the neighborhood and parking areas that suit you. For parents dropping youth off...we’ll talk. There are options. ;) For parents dropping children – contact me by e-mail, text or by phone for the scoop, as there are easy drop off options.